Gestalt Therapy Edinburgh

Together we will find what is stopping you from living a meaningful and fulfilled existence and the ways in which you can come back to the harmony, peace and beauty that I believe belongs to every life.

I am looking forward to meeting you

The first step to starting a therapeutic process is deciding you want to seek guidance from a professional.

Every person is different and that’s why we will work in a way that feels right for you and suits your needs and pace.

I create a confidential safe space for you to be in, discover and express yourself without judgement.

A bit about me

My name is Sara Villar González and I am a Psychologist and Gestalt Psychotherapist.

I have always wondered about the meaning of life and what it means to be a human being with thoughts and feelings, physical sensations, dreams, spirituality and all our complexities in this interconnected world. I have learnt that healing and wellbeing are possible when we reunite with our own truth by looking inside and being able to accept and value what we are.

I offer online Psychotherapy to people who are struggling and feel a longing to find their true self and purpose.

I work with spoken word, exploration of body awareness and its relationship to our thoughts and emotions, experimentation with words, drawing, movement, and other creative tools, as well as working with dreams.

By exploring dialogue, contact and growth, following where my clients need to go and trusting the process, I aim to help them gain awareness about themselves and facilitate the exploration of how this can deepen our contact with ourselves and others in any situation.

I have a background in Psychology. Since 2008, I have been running Psychoeducational workshops for adolescents and adults in secondary schools and workplaces, as well as facilitating group therapy for relatives of patients suffering from dementia and working with people with learning disabilities.

In my private practice as a Gestalt Psychotherapist, I am experienced working with people who are suffering from anxiety disorders, fear, relationship issues (partners, colleagues, family, friends), depression, loneliness, guilt or shame, lack of meaning or purpose, feeling stuck and unable to decide, stress, domestic abuse, trauma and all the distress that this pandemic world has brought with it, amongst others.

My work is influenced by what I have learnt both during my academic learning and my life experiences. This includes other body, mind, soul and energy practices such as Psychodrama or Shamanic Healing.

In Psychodrama, thoughts, emotions, and body sensations are explored not only through spoken word but also through action and movement, in order to find solutions to your conflicts in the here and now. I also feel passionate about the way in which Ancient Wisdoms understand the healing process as gentle, nature driven and kind, consisting of the removal of energy blockages and the restoration of balance needed for the transformation process of the person, one of growth and empowerment.


"I value imagination, curiosity, capacity to listen deeply, respect, compassion and the wisdom of the natural world as powerful tools assisting in the therapeutic process, as well as in life."


Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy by Edinburgh Gestalt Institute

(GPTI and UKCP accredited)

Psychology Degree by the University of Salamanca, Spain

(Equivalent to MSc Psychology in UK)

Diploma in Psychodrama and Group Therapy

By the Spanish Association of Psychodrama

Shamanic Practitioner Diploma

Edinburgh Shamanic Centre


“Who looks outside dreams,
who looks inside awakes” Carl Jung

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The process

A therapeutic process can help you to:

Recognize and express your feelings

Be in contact with your needs to be able to satisfy them

Improve your self-esteem and your confidence

Have healthy relationships

Learn how to set boundaries

Increase your sense of satisfaction

Manage your emotions

your potential


Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt is an experiential, relational and existential therapy which focuses on freedom, awareness and self-direction that aims for the reintegration of disowned parts of our personality.

As a holistic approach and therapy, it usually includes work with the body and sometimes with the natural world and spirituality, focussing particularly on what is happening in the here and now.

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in situations, feelings or ways of thinking that bring suffering to our lives. We may have concerns about who we are in the world, where we fit and how we are received. I am interested in how we approach or withdraw from contact in this relationship between ourselves and the others or the environment. This relationship includes the therapeutic relationship.

I believe in a therapeutic relationship based on dialogue, and the creation of a safe and respectful space where to bring light and understanding to aspects of my client’s experiences of being alive in this world that they tend to not be aware of, therefore making possible a fresh real appreciation of themselves and the return to a life with meaning, their own unique meaning which will make them thrive.


You can book your first session here. Looking forward to hearing from you.

I provide therapy sessions in English and Spanish.

1 hour session